The Spiritual of Divanna

What Divanna advocates is a kind of spiritual idea of "please oneself, enjoy the world". This is a two-way pursuit, both inner and external; it reaches a two-way personality and life: cool and warm; smart and elegant; Walk leisurely in the pyrotechnic world, but also peacefully swim in the spiritual space.

Everyone will be affected by the original culture, in the imperceptible shaping of the new appearance. The brand is also. Divanna was born in Australia, love in the golden age of freedom and trend thinking, in its unique way to record the diverse memory of different times.

The female trend in the 21st century has entered an era of diversity. There is no fixed standard. Divanna believes that everyone is filled with countless possibilities that can not only have their own demands and opinions, but also show the warmth of time. And gradually formed the aesthetic sense of culture collision.

The road ahead of Divanna is not straight line, but the folding of trendy culture.

The Story of Divanna

Diva and Anna, one is the design queen with sharp taste, creative designer, advocate to herself, the other is a fashion buyer with elegant and delicate, pursues the trend. The common pursuit of beauty makes two of them work together. One of them has a gift for modeling, art and creativity, and one has a sharp eye for fashion, so Divanna appears.

Divanna is dedicated to shoes, bags and clothing design, firmly believe that accessories are not equal to supporting charm. Divanna uses innovative design and a sense of fashion to lead the trend across the fashion border, using a new form of expression, explore unprecedented charm.

More than one side of beauty, fashion is more changeable. Divanna uses Diva breakthrough design concept, extract inspiration in anything, lead the trend of new season. The products also full of Anna style of sweet and elegant, combined with fashionable avant-garde, comfortable and durable fashion ideas and the innovative design of craftsmanship and high quality fabric.

Divanna gives more liberal inspiration to every single product, facing the world in a soft and confident manner. Let every Divanna woman express the most frank, true self!

This is Divanna!

Brand concept

Create most comfortable snow boots
Use high quality of fabric and Craftsmanship
Lead the fashion trend